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"This is why we hire professionals. Experts who know what they're talking about and deliver. Top-quality writing and collaboration. -Susan G., Miami, FL

Finally I found a staff of writers who knows the financial industry. Didn't have to explain anything other than provide the titles for our articles. We've had bad luck in the past with writers and while we found some they either didn't have English as a first language or didn't understand the mortgage industry. -Lloyd A., Houston, TX

Our job was a series of white papers on the changes in the mortgage industry, all at least 3,000 words each. We did the keyword research and CD REED took it from there. - Travis L., Atlanta, GA

I had a book in my head for years but could never get it out of the starting gate. I found these guys online and now my book is published and it's the best marketing tool ever! - Chris M., Phoenix, AZ

The writing on our website and our marketing materials was seriously lacking. We hired CD REED for a complete revamp and now the website is as professional as ever...and impressive! - Trent N., Orlando, FL