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Content for Mortgage Loan Officer Website

Question: To quote the great David Byrne, “How Did I Get Here?”  You got here because of content. I know you’re looking for someone to write mortgage content for your website and I designed this page and others on my site to jump in front of your eyeballs. I know how it’s done and I can do it for you, too.

Mortgage website content for loan officers and mortgage companies is the number one SEO factor when getting your site to appear on Page One of Google and Bing. Period. There certainly are other things you need to do but content is number one.

Websites serve two purposes. One is to keep in contact with your current database. It’s much cheaper and more efficient to market to those who have already done business with you. It’s a “Top of Mind” marketing strategy that has been proven to work through the ages. Just be there. The second purpose is to draw in new clients. That’s accomplished mostly by writing relevant, fresh and regular content on your website.

Once someone lands on your site, you need a strong “Call to Action” to contact you directly. From there, it’s all up to you. Your site has done its job…provided a lead and you, the salesperson, takes it home.