But that’s the key, isn’t it? How do you know what your future clients will be typing into a search bar using Google, Yahoo or Bing? Well, you can do a trend search for keyword terms that report back what consumers are interested in. But instead of doing that, you might think about entering in some keyword searches of your own that you think prospects might be using and see the results. Ignore the ones where your site pops up because your own search cache has a lot to do with what appears on page 1 of the results. Instead, narrow it down to something more than “interest rates in Florida” and drill down further to “what are the best interest rates for a 30 year fixed rate loan in Destin, Florida” or wherever you want to market.

Do your own research in this manner and spy on the sites that keep popping up on the top of search engine results. Look for clues to see how and why they’re where they are without paying for ads. 

When you’ve paid for mortgage leads, and many of you have, you soon discover that among the leads you get, many if not most are of poor quality. You also know that the mortgage origination process is relationship driven as consumers would rather work with someone they know or at least was referred to them by someone they trust such as a family member, real estate agent or financial planner. Lead generation services are typically the second or third choice a consumer makes when they’re needing financing, having been turned down before or at a minimum they think they can’t qualify based upon their own perception of credit, income or employment.

Online lead generators make some very compelling copy when encouraging an anonymous consumer to apply for a mortgage and get multiple offers and so on. When loan officers sign up for a lead generation service they find their inbox gets rather full rather quickly. Unfortunately, the quality of the leads is generally poor and expensive. That’s why generating new leads should be the result of content for a mortgage company or a loan officer website instead of placing online ads. Why?

It’s pretty much a given these days that consumers first do research before making any major financial decision, especially getting a mortgage. Even if the query is something as innocent as checking out current interest rates, they still search on their own. And that’s where your website comes into play. Getting ranked on Page 1 of a Google, Yahoo or Bing search is the result of quality content that matches what the consumer types into a search field. The content on your website should be informative as well as objective with a final Call to Action at the end of the piece. You don’t want keyword stuffing or misleading titles or other black hat “tricks” but quality content on your loan officer website that both informs but more importantly gets someone to contact you for more information. re.

Why Original Content for your Loan Officer Website is Critical for New Leads

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