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How do you evaluate a writer? If you’re looking for more technical content, content that needs to be perfectly correct such as explaining the mortgage process and providing insight on what lenders are looking for, you can’t go cheap. Fluff writers can always look for mortgage-related articles but they don’t understand it. Mortgage lending, as you well know, is not the arena where you can give out bad information. You can’t “fluff” your way out of an article on FICO scores or ATR guidelines. You either know it or you don’t. And people can tell fake when they see it. Our specialty is producing original, keyword rich and conversational mortgage content for your website, blog and email campaigns.

That’s where CD REED comes in. We know the topics you need, we help your clients understand the sometimes complex world of home finance and we drive traffic to your website with relevant topics on mortgage loans. We’re not going to be the least expensive set of writers, but we’ll put our copy against anyone in the mortgage space. We’re the best.

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